What we Do

IT Security Risk Assessment and Management
Statistics show that companies who do not invest in good I.T. security will fall victim to at least one serious compromise. Most of these companies feel that they can not justify the cost of maintaining strong I.T. security for their business. The reality is that the cost of good I.T. security is equal to a fraction of the cost of a single successful compromise.

Whether youâ„ a 10 person company or a Fortune 500 business, your I.T. infrastructure is exposed to new threats every second of every day. When those threats align with unresolved or unidentified risks in your I.T. infrastructure the resulting damages can be astronomical. Your business relies on the integrity and stability of its I.T. infrastructure.

Teqlink Solutions counters these threats by identifying and eliminating these I.T. security risks. Our specialized I.T. security services enable you to maintain a proactive security stance. Each of our services is driven by industry seasoned security professionals who specialize in specific areas of I.T. and Information Security. This specialized security focus differentiates us from the competition by enabling us to produce highly accurate and actionable deliverables. Furthermore, each of our deliverables is the product of highly skilled I.T. security veterans and not the product of automated tools and scripts.

Web Design
We offer custom web engineering solutions. We can help you set up a web site, email services, domain name hosting, e-commerce, and more. We even offer web design services if you don't have the time or resources to create your site yourself.

Database Design/Development
Quick access to your business data is critical - our developers efficiently develop database software applications to automate business functions. Coding provides data validation and user-friendly features on data entry screens. We perform database design in MySQL, SQL Server, Access and XML formats.

IT Training
Keeping up with changes in technology can be challenging. Customized training can be developed to suit the needs of your company or organization.. The Professional Development Coordinator is available to discuss particular instructional needs of company or other groups in order to develop and deliver training tailored to meet your needs.